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In October 2008, Dr. Ignat Ignatov performed spectral analysis of water on 11 Reiki Masters from the traditional Reikilineage and a participant with II Reiki level. These are Angela Zellner, Anne-Marie Risbjerg, Diana Schultheis, Edith Günther, Gerda Hilda Lämmler, Gertrud Kohl (II Reiki level), Heike Joswig, Helga Drechsel, Isabella Petri, Manuela Friebe, Markus Vallaster and Monika Stamm. The project was organized with the cooperation of the Isabella Petri Seminar Center and the German Reiki Alliance. Dr. Igor Akszjonovics from Hungary is Project Assistant



Photo of the participants of the first german scientific research of Reiki in October 2008


Water spectrum results with Reiki:

Dr. Ignatov show that “Reiki” is source of living energy.

We receive the most objective information regarding effects of biophysical fields on the human body when the bioinfluence results are proven with spectral water analysis. In 2001 the scientific team of Dr. Ignat Ignatov, Prof. Anton Antonov and Dipl. Eng. Tatyana Galabova proved the direction of the Reiki energy. It is directed from the surrounding space to the human body. The evidence is grounded on the 1998 fundamental proof by the same authors for the direction of the energy currents in “give” and “take” energy mode in relation to the human body and water. These analyses are also substantial for the medical effects anticipated in man upon bioinfluence.

In 2008 Dr. Ignatov through spectral water analysis with the help of Prof. Antonov’s device, it was proven for the first time in the world that the energy flows at I, II and master Reiki level have a specific power for each level.

Picture 374    Picture 377

Rupite, Earth of Vanga, Bulgaria, 75°C mineral water, water plants, Volcano (inactive), photo: Alexander Ignatov


Dr. Ignatov’s methodic for Color Kirlian spectral analysis

In October 2008, Dr. Ignat Ignatov performed Black-White and Color Kirlian photography of the bioelectric auras of the participants:

B177A  B169A  B163G

Photos of Kirlian auras of: Angela Zellner, Anne-Marie Risbjerg, Edith Günther

dditional information in:


Different laboratories worldwide have researched the Reiki influence effect. There are data accumulated for medical effects in cases of grave illnesses. The US Reiki Research Foundation’s analyses are especially valuable (

In Europe there are also evidences for the medical effect of Reiki. Detailed analyses of Reiki effects on model physical and biological systems have been made by William Lee Rand. Dr. John Zimmerman of the University of Colorado has proven changes in the magnetic field of the palms of Reiki masters. Dr. Barnard Grad from McGill University in Montreal studied Reiki influence on plants. Dr. Robert Miller made an analogous study with rye.

Dr. Slaveya Doncheva and Dr. Evelina Daskalova from the “Paisiyi Hilendarski” University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, have proven the Reiki effect on plants. The Reiki influence is effected by Dipl. Eng. Georgi Grozdanov.


Dr. Nosacheva, Dipl. Eng. Grozdanov, Dr. Doncheva, Dr. Ignatov, Sayfutdinova, Plovdiv, 2006

The research of Prof. Konstantin Korotkov from Russia is leading in the sphere of the Kirlian effect.