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ISABELLAPETRI, born 1955 in Darmstadt/Germany. After the baccalaureat professional education in publication and graficdesign.

For more then 20 years education, studies und praxis in various meditation techniques, Yoga and consciousawarenessmethods.

Education in alternative healing techniques:





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anisquare19_green.gif Reiki in the traditional lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui:

Reiki- practice since 1993.
since 2000.

I practice Reiki according the teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata und Phyllis Lei Furumoto and I am member of the Reiki-Alliance German e.V.

I teach Reiki according the guidelines of the Reiki-Alliance Germany e.v. (Association).

anisquare19_green.gif Education with Dr. EricPearl in The Reconnection™ in 2005

anisquare19_green.gif Education with the healer Christos Drossinakis since 2007

2007 the famous healer Christos Drossinakis started the first training for healers with his method in the International Academy for Scientific Healing (IAWG).

Parts of this education were different scientific tests for proofing the healing abilities of the student, like:

anisquare19_green.gif Kirlian photography and spectral analysis with waterwith Dr. Ignat Ignatov from the Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics in Sofia, Bulgaria.

anisquare19_green.gif Regulation-Diagnose-Method  of the International Institute of Biophysics e.V. Prof. F.A. Popp in Neuss Germany

anisquare19_green.gif Infraredcamera-Test with Dr. med. K.-P. Schlebusch from ZDN in Essen, Germany

anisquare19_green.gif Imago-Aurum of Prof. Dr. But, with Ludwig Bitter of the” Institut für Biophysic und Lebensenergieforschung” in Hechingen, Germany

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