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This exceptional energy for balancing and completion of the human energy field was discovered and developed by Dr. Eric Pearl, Los Angeles.

Eric elicits great interest from top doctors and medical researchers at hospitals and universities worldwide. These include Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, the VA Hospital, University of Miami Medical School, and The University of Arizona (where he addressed physicians at the request of Dr. Andrew Weil, and where new research programs are currently underway).




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There are two slightly different approaches to work with this energy:

anisquare19_green.gif  The Reconnective Healing™ treatment:

Reconnective Healing™ is often a life-changing experience, utilizing new frequencies to allow for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Vastly different from Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, Qi Gong or Pranic Healing. Reconnective Healing™ is beyond any technique you‘ve ever encountered.

These highly palpable energies are initiated by the Reconnective Healing Practitioner at the start of your session, and continue working with you long after your visit has ended. Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, and attuned to a higher frequency than ever before.

anisquare19_green.gif The personal Reconnection™:

The personal Reconnection™ brings in “new” axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and ultimately, for our evolution. These axiatonal lines are part of a parallel-dimensional circulatory system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.

The Reconnection™ brings in and activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange of light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of “strings” (simultaneously occurring or parallels planes of existence).

Organically the meridian lines, sometimes called acupuncture lines, on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet. These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe. Over time we became disconnected from these lines. With your personal Reconnection™ you will get reconnected to that lines.

Please note: It is suggested that you experience 1 – 3 Reconnective Healingsessions prior to receiving your personal Reconnection™.

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